Libyan Gold Tektite 18-19 Grams Piece


Shipping to United States: $13.25

A meteorite crashed into the sands of Egypt and Libya 28.5 million years ago, creating a luminous yellow glass called #libyangoldtektite
One piece found its way into the tomb of ancient Egypt’s King Tutankhamen

The #Egyptians were also known to refer to this crystal as the “Rock of God”.

Wearing and meditating with this stone brings a lot of benefits:

♡ High abundance
♡ Manifestation Power
♡ Mystical knowledge and power
♡ Life transformation
♡ Conexión with Galactic Consciousness
♡ High Creativity

With strong mystical energy, Libyan gold is a perfect stone for all those who think they don’t only belong to this world but instead are connected with the universe at large. STARSEEDS

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