Welcome!I am LUI KRIEG Crystal Sound Master Healer, creator and designer of MAGICAL tools and jewellery for healing, protection and self-empowerment for over 30 years, based in GLASTONBURY also known as the ISLE OF AVALON.

For the last 25 years I have been working as a Crystal & Sound Activator and I have developed a very powerful and unique healing sequence, that I call “The Crystal Sound Activation“. I have done thousands of activations with astonishing results and due to this success I have founded the Crystal Sound Academy to teach this healing technique all around the world.

My designs are inspired by my deep LOVE and understanding for the mineral kingdom and I have been supplying healers and light workers as well as celebrities and rockstars all around the world.

My Mission is to bring back Magic, offering again the power of Crystals and MAGIC TOOLS to the new generations, to awaken the memories of the magical ancient times when humans knew how to do Magic and transform reality.

On this shop I am promoting only my unique handmade pieces, the tools I have channeled and powered with my own intention and Crystal Alchemy. If you like to see my Jewellery brand please visit my website (www.stoneage.co.uk)
All crystals and gemstones in my designs are the highest quality, collection type (AAA). 

If you want a special personalised creation do not hesitate to contact me with your ideas.

Please follow my instagram @crystalmagicbylui where I share my knowledge and tips for a Magical Life!

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