Libyan Gold Tektite Bracelet - Women


Shipping to United States: $6.67

NOTE: the bracelet in the picture is a standard size, please when purchased send me a message with your size and I will make it for you.

Our signature bracelet combines the mystique of Libyan Gold tektite Faceted beads and the allure of gold-plated beads with an Auratized Libyan gold bead at the fromt that brings the rainbow energy. Crafted to perfection, each bracelet is tailored to fit your unique measurements, ensuring a perfect fit.

Libyan Gold tektite, formed by the impact of a meteorite millions of years ago, hold a captivating history. Revered by ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian pharaohs who adorned themselves with its brilliance, these tektite beads carry a sense of cosmic energy and timeless allure.Indulge in the enchantment of our bracelet, a fusion of luxury and celestial heritage.

Properties of the Tektite

- Spiritual growth
- Abundance
- Cosmic connection
- Expansion of consciousness
- Amplification of psychic abilities
- Good luck
- Manifestation

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