The Opal Fire Pendant


Shipping to United States: $13.51

The large tooth shape piece is a solid fire Opal in matrix shimmering mysteriously in all colours predominantly red, It is set with another large Opal cabochon.

Adding to the crystal alchemy a Gem quality Fire Opal as well as a Red Garnet generating more fire energy.

Opal is an high vibration stone that holds the element of fire and creation, works on your sacral and root chakra and increases creativity.

Opal acts as a prism within the aura, bringing a full spectrum of Light energy to the system, soothing and clearing the emotional body, and boosting the will to live and the joy of one’s earthly existence. It enkindles optimism, enthusiasm and creativity, and allows for the release of inhibitions inspiring love and passion. Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and stimulates flashes of intuition and insight, yet is a protective stone for deep inner work, meditations, and lower world shamanic journeys.

12 Cm

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