Chakra Activator Wand


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This Wand it's perfectly balance and it’s main purpose is to restore HARMONY and BALANCE and activate all CHAKRAS from crown to base.

It is beautifully hand crafted from solid Sterling Silver and has seven stones set along the shaft that resonate with the individual chakras.

Amethyst for Crown Activation
Lapis Lazuli for opening of the 3rd Eye
Turquoise To activate the throat Chakra
In the center there is a Gem quality Emerald Cabochon infusing the wand with pure Emerald heart energy.
Citrine to open up the Solar Plexus Carnelian for perseverance and endurance
Red Garnet brings grounding and the element of Fire and helps to ignite all the chakras
On both ends of the Wand which are the energy exit points, two triple A quality polished quartz crystals are focusing the energy into a powerful beam of light.

Triple A quality means that the crystal has no inclusions whatsoever, it is totally clear and that increases its ability to break the light into the spectrum of the rainbow colours and also the way it can be programmed to perform specific tasks.

Place your tomb on the individual stones while working on the corresponding chakra.

♡ Chakra therapies and healing
♡ Light body Activation
♡ Restoring Harmony and Balance within you and your surroundings
♡ Crystal Acupuncture therapies
♡ Meditation and spiritual ceremonies
♡ Self healing 
♡ Self empowerment 

Size: 14 Cm

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