Sacred Water : The Journey


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Sacred Water : The Journey

We now present our new meditation CD Sacred Water : The Journey!

Follow the water on an epic journey starting from deep under Chalice Hill, emerging and making its way through the sacred Chalice Well, continuing out joining streams, rivers and eventually out into the ocean with waterfalls and rainstorms along the way.

This 45 minute evolving piece of music features many instruments including hang drums, Irish flutes, guitars, strings and chimes.
There are cinematic choirs, Elven whispers and some mystical spoken words to guide you along this aquatic journey.
This is a CD like no other that will evoke many emotions, water is the life force here on our blue planet and this music is inspired by the love & respect for our sacred water.

Perfect for Meditation & Relaxation

Produced in 432Hz

Available in Digital Download here

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