Zadkiel’s Transformation blade


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A beautiful detailed carving of Archangel Zadkiel from clear quartz that has been auratized with Platinum and Silver (Angel Aura Quartz).
This carving is perfectly fused together with a hand carved Selenite Blade to create a magical tool that is perfect for healing therapies, aura cleansing and space clearing.

This Blade can be used to cut through unwanted energy ties, karmic contracts and energy blockages.
The Selena Blade is supported by a trillion cut faceted gem quality Amethyst that infuses the Violet Ray of Archangel Zadkiel into this Wand. The frequency of the Amethyst helps you to find peace of mind and focus to increase your connection to your higher Self and the Angelic realm.

A rainbow Moonstone is set at the base of the Angel Carving that activates the Third Eye and enhances intuition and psychic inside.

As a final touch I've decided to give this blade 2 Amethyst Eyes in the front and an infusion of Fire with a Gem quality Garnet at the back.

Use this wand for:
♥ Aura cleansing
♥ Healing Therapies
♥ Angelic Reiki
♥ Self-Healing
♥ Meditation
♥ Angel Healing Therapies
♥ Connecting to the Angelic Realm

Selenite Properties:

♥ Serenity ♥ Purification ♥ Peace ♥ Meditation ♥ Universal consciousness ♥ Clarity of thought ♥ Purity of heart ♥ Universal love ♥ Integrity ♥ Spirituality ♥ Psychic development ♥ Forgiveness ♥ Positive thoughts

32 Cm

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