Royal Magic Pendant


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Wearing this pendant will make you aware of your unlimited potential !
The perfect combination of gemstones fused with ultimate craftsmanship
has inspired a truly magical creation !!

The power of this pendent is generated by a unique marquis shaped amethyst that instantly connects you to your higher Self, are you ready to receive and to respond ?

This purple energy is then infused with the vibration of a beautiful faceted moonstone, thats promotes divine femininity and your claim to ascend >>>>

The Gemstone Alchemy includes another Amethyst cabochon as well as a highest quality Kyanite infusing energy alinement and 3rd eye activation.

This pendant is infused with 24 crt pure gold dust.

Crystal Alchemy:
♡ Amethyst Unique Shape
♡ Moonstone
♡ Kyanite
♡ Amethyst cabochon

7 Cm

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