The Titanium DNA Activator


Shipping to United States: $13.33

The handle of this wand is carved in a Spiral DNA shape that creates the vortex energy flow that makes this wand incredible Powerful ....SuperPowered!!

The Titanium Quartz carries the trinity spiral and holds the Power of the NUMBER 3.

The wand is crowned by a Titanium quartz carved into a scarab Beetle that is deeply connected with the Egyptian Magic, representing the eternal cycle of life.

Then the energy flows into a high quality Amethyst Phantom Crystal adding Higher Guidance and connection to your highest self.

Use This wand for:

♡ DNA Activation and Healing Therapies
♡ Ending Cycles
♡ Giving Strength against addictive behaviours
♡ Connect with Spiritual Guides
♡ Acupressure
♡ Spiritual Ceremonies
♡ Meditation


23 Cm

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