Atlantean Wand

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A truly beautiful creation to bring back the Spirit of Atlantis and Lemuria!

The energy of this wand is created by a Gem Quality Larimar also known as the Dolphin Stone that carries a unique frequency to activate new light codes within yourself.

The Larimar is supported by a rainbow moonstone and a Blue Topaz to enhance femininity and creative intuition.

There is a rainbow bridge that carries this Alchemy across the shaft of the wand, from Colombian Auratized quartz, that caries the BLUE RAY OF DIVINE INTENTION forward the blade.

A Herkimer Diamond crystal set on top of the Laser Crystal doubles the force of your intentions with an extra beam of light.

The blade of the wand is a triple A quality Laser Quartz supported by a Faceted Marquis Amethyst injecting the purple Ray and promoting connection to your higher Self.

This wand awakens the memories of Atlantis and Lemuria and reconnects us deep with the higher knowledge of those civilisations.

Use this Wand for

♡ Connecting with those Ancient civilisations
♡ Reactivating ancient light codes
♡ Ascension of the physical Body
♡ Psychic Working with Cetaceous

16 Cm

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Very special piece ! Lovely artwork.

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