Mudra Crystals for Meditation


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One of the most effective meditation enhancers available ready to take you to the next level!

This Mudra crystals are caved from highest quality Himalayan quartz crystal, double terminated thats means the energy flows both ways, cut in a sacred geometry shape containing a perfect three dimensional MERKABA within.

When holding this crystals in the classic mudra position they will activate your MERKABA energy allowing you to ascent and connect with your higher Self much more easily.

The more often you connect with meditation to this crystals, the more a-tuned they will become to your energy field.

Use this mudra crystal for:

♡ All types of Meditation
♡ Shamanic Yoga
♡ Chara Activation
♡ Sacred Dance
♡ Qigong
♡ Rejuvenation
♡ Visualisation of your goals
♡ Receiving new codes and Activations

I recommend using these crystals in combination with some of our classic meditation Music such as the Crystal Labyrinth, Shangrila or The crystal sound activation.

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