The Cosmic Dragon Wand

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This wand is a combination of some of the rarest gemstones found on our planet, combined with the tektites Libyan Gold and Moldavite. Tektites are gems created by meteorite impacts many million years ago and emit a very high frequency that will elevate your energy field !

The energy of this powerful wand is created by a Gem quality raw Libyan gold Tektite the favourite stone of Egyptian Pharaohs found only in the Sahara dessert in Egypt !

Working with this wand will allow you to connected with the Dragon energy.

This tool is all about stepping into your true power.

In the Center of the wand a Gem quality faceted citrine that emits its energy of unlimited abundance and promotes joy and happiness . This blast of positive energy is then magnified by two (2) Angel Aura Hermiker Diamonds (this is world premiere) never seen before !!

This powerful alchemy of Crystal and tektite Energy is then released into a Lemurian quartz Crystal supported by a Faceted Moldavite to expand your power of manifestation to a cosmic level.

Your time has come!
Are you Ready ?

Use this wand for:

♡ Self Empowerment
♡ Transformation and Ascension
♡ Manifestation and Creation
♡ Healing Therapies
♡ Alignment with cosmic forces
♡ Awake the innate healing Powers
♡ Raise the energy level of the physical body
♡ Meditation

A true Masterpiece !!
Handmade by Lui Leonhard Krieg ❤️


AAA quality crystals:
Libyan Gold Tektite
Raw Moldavite
Faceted Citrine
Ángel Aura Herkimer Diamonds
Laser Lemurian quartz

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Lui is an amazingly gifted soul. The thought and energy which go into his wand creations is second to none. He designs his wands and organizes the crystals in a very specific way to bring about the intended energy of the wand. His craftsmanship is superb. And he uses AAA crystals which are energized and powerful. I have searched for wands across the globe and Lui has perhaps the best combined innate talent, thought, energy and experience I’ve come across.

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