Prophecy Stone 31 grams (REF14)


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The Prophecy Stone is a powerful stone for grounding light energy in the physical body. As its name implies, Prophecy Stones helps those who seek guidance from higher realms regarding the future !!

A powerful new stone, it is the stone of the Alchemist, supporting spiritual growth with the power to bring positive change through meditation and visualisation, first for your personal space that then expands into your surrounding.

The Mineral Alchemy of the Prophecy Stones are a very unique and it is extremely rare . The crystals are made of pseudomorph, Limonite / Hematite After Marcasite / Pyrite. The original Crystal Structure from the Marcasite / Pyrite but has morphed over and been covered by the Limonite/Hematite .

The Prophecy stone is found in an extremely remote area of the White Desert in Egypt and are very rare indeed !!

Once you have made a deeper connection with this stone it will be able to guide and ground you when making important decisions .

The Prophecy Stone is known to both enhance your memory and sharpen your way of thinking. In addition it may help you to think more clearly, focus on your aims and help to manifest them .

When holding the stone you will immediately feel grounded , save and protected jet inspired at the same time. By giving you visions of the future it will allow you to enter into the Matrix of creation and change your future according to your focus and positive visualisation.

Prophecy Stones are extremely strong in Earth energy. Earth energy is the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings, nourishment and health. It enhances vitality, brings abundance, and keeps us growing physically , mentally and spiritually !!

NOTE: The prophecy stone and the Libyan Gold tektite are both found in Egypt dessert.
HOT TIP: Try meditating with both of them together and the sky will be your limit !!

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Stunning stone. Exactly as described. Fast delivery and the energy is amazing.

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