The Chalice Well Master Pendulum


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If you feel a strong connection with Glastonbury (also known as Avalon) and the Sacredness of the Chalice well, this is the prefect pendulum for you.

The pendulum is carved from AAA quality Himalayan Quartz and It has the perfect weight that experienced Dowsers appreciate, the setting is made of solid silver with highlights of 24crt Gold.

In the center of the pendulum there is gem quality peridot that connects to the heart chakra and provides emotional balancing and uplifting.

Use this pendulum to:

-Create sacredness in the water of your body and in the water of spaces where you live.

-Awaken the priestess/priest of Avalon within you.

-Recall the ancient power of Glastonbury lands.

- Dowsing

- Energy Healing

The Chalice Well is symbolically connected to The Divine Feminine, The Holy Grail, Sacred Geometry and the Secrets of Creation. Although these things seem separate they are all interconnected.

The Chalice Well symbol shows two interconnecting circles which create an almond shape where they overlap: a symbol known throughout history as Vesica Pisces. According to sacred geometry the circles represent two realms: the physical and the spiritual.
The overlapping space represents the bridge between these worlds: the bridge between Earth and Heaven, the gateway between the physical realm and the spiritual one, the adjoining of the male and the female, the sacred well from which all is created.

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I am beyond pleased with my new Pendulum...It is stunningly beautiful and powerful!...I highly recommend any work created by this Artist...His talent is truly a gift to all.. Peace and Love..

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