Chakra Pendulum


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This is a good pendulum for starters as well as advanced pendulum users due to its easy use but high effectiveness.

The Double terminated shape of the crystal allows the energy to flow both ways sending receiving the energy and information.

The Clear Quartz bead at the end of the chain is designed to be held in the palm of your hand while using the pendulum, connecting and activating the energy portal in your hand to empower the changeling and energy flow.

It comes in three different crystals:

Himalayan quartz is great for the work the physical body and chakra enlightenment.
Rose quartz for emotional body and gentle chakra healing.
Amethyst for the Spiritual purpose, ascension and chakra transmutation.

These pendulums are great for asking simple questions and perform chakra reading, chakra balancing and chakra activation.


Solid Silver Setting
Clear Himalayan Quartz Crystal
Gem Quality Rose Crystal
Dark purple Amethyst

Size: 18 Cm including chain
Crystal 3.5 cm

Reviews (5)


Another beauty from the Stone Age crowd based in Glastonbury. I have one already and bought this as a gift for someone. To say she was over the moon would be a huge understatement! You can never go wrong with a pendulum purchased from these guys! ♥️♥️♥️

I adore this item or is so beautiful and it connected to me straight away thank you

She is a thing of great beauty and power! From the moment I opened the box I felt a clean, clear and perfect bond between myself and the crystal. Not only does it work directly with the chakras, but it builds such a relationship with YOU, that it will help in all areas of your life. It's a beautiful and powerful pendulum!

I just love this crystal dowser. Perfect. Thank you.

A rather cute crystal and silver mixed pendulum. Very responsive. Very happy with it.

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