The Dorje Master Pendulum


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The Dorje represents the strength of Spirit and the true power from the source!

This pendulum was inspired by a Tibetan tool called the Dorje, also known as; the Diamond, the Indestructible, the Thunderball and the “Universal Force”.

According to Tibetan Mythology the Dorjee is considered one of the most powerful tools in the universe. It Destroys whatever it doesn't serve you anymore, transmuting and healing.

While using this Pendulum you will feel a powerful surge of grounding energy to our mother earth and Inner strength to receive it.

This Pendulum reacts very well to sound, traditionally It was used with Tibetan bells or bowls.

Perfect tool for Rituals and Ceremonies.

Use this pendulum to enhance your prayers and intentions. Try using this pendulum along with the Tibetan Mantra; “OM Mani PADME hum”


Solid Silver with Gold plated highlights
Vogel Cut Himalayan Clear Quartz Crystal

Size: 24 Cm including chain
Crystal 6.5 cm

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good good good good good

Très beau pendule équilibré just un peu lourd pour un travail long en radiesthésie

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