Truth Seeker Master Pendulum


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If you seek answers for yourself or your client's questions this is the perfect pendulum for you.

This Pendulum is inspired by the reaction of a drop of water falling into a sacred pond. The water is pure and clear just like the inner truth, once the inner truth is revealed to the physical realm its force will mark the path.

With this pendulum you can find guidance for your spiritual journey, a very powerful tool to acknowledge the present moment and the next step.

The drop shape quartz is crowned by 8 rubies energising the reading.

The end of the chain is beautifully finished by a cone shaped silver piece set with an emerald or Red Zircon Cabbushion, the emerald promotes truth from the heart and connects with the wisdom within. This cone can also be used as a pendulum in case you need to irradiate with it comes in two options: Emerald or Zircon


Solid Silver with plated gold highlights Setting
Clear Himalayan Quartz Crystal
8 Rubies
Emerald or Zircon

Size: 22 Cm including chain
Pendulum 5 cm

Reviews (8)


Absolutely beautiful 😍 and 10 stars for customer service!

Thank you, my Pendulum met expectation. Thank you, beautiful.

Love it, unique design and well made with great energy! Thanks for this amazing pendulum!

I don’t give praise easily, but this deserves the best possible recommendation. Beautiful natural powerful materials brought together to create a piece that is a pleasure to have and use, and carefully designed and thought out. Balanced, just the right weight-I have had an immediate connection. And, Lui is a pleasure to deal with-incredibly helpful, responsive-he went out of his way to ensure that I received the pendulum the next day. Thanks Lui!

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