The Phantom Amethyst Pendant


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The Phantom Amethyst Pendant is all about connecting with your higher-self, spiritual guides and access to higher information and akashic records.

Walk Confident with this unique pendant made with a rare phantom amethyst quartz supported by a Facetted Amethyst integrating the higher frequency of transmutation and a Rainbow Moonstone adding intuition and clarity.

This pendant will transmute all the lower energies around you into light and knowledge.

Amethyst properties:

♥ Increases nobility
♥ Spiritual awareness
♥ Psychic abilities
♥ Inner peace and healing
♥ Healing of body, mind & soul
♥ Positive transformation
♥ Meditation
♥ Balance
♥ Relieves stress
♥ Communication

Size: 11cm
Crystal Grade: Triple A

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Stunning piece.

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