Black Madona Wand


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Another truly inspired and magical creation by Lui Krieg.

A combination of rare and powerful gems and crystals !!

This wand is all about diving into the depth of your heart to find true self-love and compassion.

The black Madonna carving is made from green sheen obsidian created by volcanic lava representing the element of fire and connection with Gaia's wisdom. From the ashes the Phoenix will rise again !! stronger ..... more powerful ! more loving .... more compassionate ..

The energy flows into a Garnet and then to a Mexican fire Opal. This Opal is the activation point of the wand and triggers an energy release when it is touch by the thumb.

Another 2 garnets add the energy of fire and transformation before reaching the tip of the wand that is a deep green Vivianite that infuses energy of deep spiritual illumination and ancient wisdom.

A Star Diopside (also known as black star sapphire crowns the tip of the wand revealing the star within.

NOTE: please note that the beautiful Vivianite is a soft and sensitive mineral that needs to be treated with gentle care.

38 Cm approx.

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