The Green Ray Heart Wand


Shipping to United States: $19.36

The energy of this wand is created by a natural piece of GREEN FLUORITE growing in Octahedron shape, which is one the most powerful shapes in nature that can create infinite amount of energy, also symbolises universal and unconditional love.

The Fluorite Octahedron activates the heart chakra and promotes self-love, forgiveness and compassion.

Adding to this crystal alchemy are;

♥ Green Australian Opal
♥ Angel Aura Colombian Quartz
♥ Mexican fire opal

They are building the rainbow bridge toward the tip of the wand made of a raw LEMURIAN QUARTZ crystal, where the energy is focused, magnified and transformed into a powerful beam of light that can be used for healing of the Heart, chakra balancing, self empowerment, Meditation, ritual and shamanic practice.

17.5 Cm approx.
NOTE: The lemurian crystal is raw, which means that It's not polished and it has some natural ships and cracks, please make sure you look at the video before purchase.

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