Rose-Morganite Goddess Bracelet


Shipping to United States: $12.78

Enhance your energy field with this beautiful bracelet, made with high-quality pink and aquamarine Morganite, and Rose Quartz natural shape beads.

Morganite brings inner peace, strength, joy, self-confidence, personal power, and help you connect to Divine Love boosting awareness.

Morganite is gemstone with positive healing properties associated with the heart. Wearing this stone is great for persons having heart-related problems. It is also beneficial for the lungs, nervous system, and all illnesses that are related to high stress.

Rose quartz represents gentleness, calmness, femininity, compassion and love. The gentle energy it carries support and rekindles relationships, bringing joy, passion and contentment. Its delicate charm and soothing color give a calming effect to the mind and body.

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