Collection Lemurian Crystal


Shipping to United States: $38.33

The lemurian Crystals are all about bringing the age of Aquarius into being, they have been programmed by our mother earth with ancient hidden codes that will be released at the right time to bring freedom, creativity and abundance for all.

We are claiming back from our birthright as sovereign human beings, this collection is part of this transformation.

It is made with the intention to liberate your mind and expand your heart to the 5th dimensional way of being.

The Lemurian crystal unlocks your talents and gifts.

One of the unique features is the bard coding embedded into the growth of the structure, which holds information that can be accessed by running your thumb up and down the growth lines.

Lemurian quartz is also known as the Master Crystal.

This pieces are not polished completely natural shape.

The price is for each piece, you will get any of the ones in the picture.


Laser Lemurian quartz Triple A quality.

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