The Isis Vogel Wand


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The energy of this wand is created by a 3 dimensional six pointed star carved from Himalayan quartz, perfect balance between masculine & feminine, the symbol of the Alchemyst as above so below ….
supported by a ray of tourmalines in all colours adding the energy of rejuvenation and eternal youth ! The base of this powerful wand then connects to the rainbow bridge build with faceted Peridots and Angel Aura Colombian quartz.

The energy then flows up to a beautiful Winged Isis (Aset The Mother Of All Gods)
Exquisitely carved from Mother Peal, infusing her powerful Goddess Energy , giving your intention the wings to fly and strengthens your powers of Manifestation

The energy then flows through a super clear Vogel cut Crystal magnifying this amazing Alchemy !
If you are serious about your energy work , if you feel a strong connect to Egypt and Isis , if you are ready for the next level ….. then this tool is for you

Use this wand for:

♡ Transformation and Ascension
♡ Manifestation and Creation
♡ Isis Rituals and Ceremonies
♡ Activate Deep Magic
♡ Self Empowerment
♡ Awake the innate healing Powers
♡ Aura Healing
♡ Awake memories of the ancient Egyptian Magic

A true Masterpiece !!
Handmade by Lui Leonhard Krieg ❤️

21 Cm

AAA quality crystals:
Turmalines (blue-pink-green)
Isis Carving mother Pearl
Vogel Cut quartz
Ángel Aura Colombian quartz

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