Archangel Raphael Green Ray Pendant


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Archangel Raphael Green Ray Pendant

Bring the Healing Ray of Archangel Raphael to your Heart with this beautiful pendant carved from a Triple (AAA) unique green Fluorite, set with 3 Gem Quality Rubies adding fire and strength to your inner healing capacity.

This pendant combines an Angel with the heart shape perfect to activate the heart chakra with the Angelic Green Ray.

The White Chain is handmade from braided copper wire.

Size: 8cm

Fluorite properties

♥ Truth
♥ Boosts the immune system
♥ Decision Making
♥ Intellect and concentration
♥ Hormonal Balance
♥ Physical and Mental Coordination

Ruby Properties

♥ Integrity
♥ Courage
♥ Passion
♥ Enthusiasm
♥ Generosity
♥ Inspiration
♥ Prosperity
♥ High Energy
♥ Power and Leadership

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